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How to backup your Zencart

How to back up zencart with images

Backup Zencart with images

Ok, so you've worked really hard on getting your Zen Cart to look the way it does.
If you have a Zen Cart and you're not backing up, now is the time. It'd be a shame if all your hard work got lost because of the push of a wrong button, hackers or simple error. Making a backup is a great way to recover quickly should the unexpected happen...and it will happen.

Follow these Zen Cart website backup steps and you'll have a clean backup in no time.

NOTE: You'll need to have access to your hosting otherwise ask your webmaster to do this for you.

  1. Log in to your host server's cpanel.
  2. Go to phpmyadmin (under Databases).
  3. Select your database from the left hand side pane. In my example it's called my_database but yours will be called whatever you named it.
    Select your database
  4. Click Export from the tabs going across the top of the screen.Click on export tab
  5. Using phpmyadmin v3.4 or higher:
    From the radio buttons, select Choose Custom and select SQL from the Format option.
  6. Output: - Save output to a file, leave all the other settings under Output as defaults, except maybe Compression: OPTIONAL: - Compression: "gzipped" (or whatever you prefer... gzip makes smaller files, but zip files are easier to read on Windows computers).
    save output to a file
  7. Object creation options: -check ALL the boxes in this section, except the "Add CREATE DATABASE / USE statement" option.
    object creation options
  8. Data dump options: - choose "INSERT" from the pull-down, and check the "both of the above" option. The rest of the defaults are fine. Click Go to do the export. It will give you the option to save the file to your PC. data creation options

Finally, save your back ups to a safe place such as a usb stick, cloud or a folder on your pc.

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